Rocking The Most Fabulous Fashions On The San Diego Beaches

It's summertime in San Diego and the living is free and easy. It's also time for choosing a great beach look that flatters in the most fabulous way possible. No matter your size or personal style, there's sure to be something in the current beachwear trends that will show you off at your most gorgeous when you hit those glittering sands in San Diego. There are plenty of exciting trends for every kind of taste in beachwear this summer, so let's have a look at some of the styles that are heating things up on those Southern California beaches.


What's obvious in Summer 2015 is that you can't go wrong by embracing an utterly feminine style, and by that, we mean pretty ruffles, bows, and plenty of pink. We're seeing lovely looks in swimsuits that show off rows of pink ruffles for an ultra-feminine vibe that's utterly irresistible. Another take on this style is a suit that's a series of bows that ties in front, just covering up a swimsuit ready body like a gorgeous gift box. Beautiful!


There are many ways to go with color this summer, as we're seeing a strong trend towards subtle suits and wraps in beautiful neutral tones. These suit in beige, taupe and off-white blend beautifully with a black wrap set off with chunky golden jewelry. At the other end of the spectrum we have suits in solid colors, like a strong yellow or blue two-piece in a classic cut. Solid colors make a solid statement that's really never out of style, so why not rock this look on the sands of San Diego?


The black one-piece bathing suit is obviously a look that never goes out of style, but the 2015 version is defined by a super sexy zipper down the front. The look evokes a women's wet suit, so it's sporty and ultra-sultry all at once. This look is a total winner and shows off a swimmer's legs beautifully in leather strappy sandals.


Animal print beachwear is back with a roar this summer! We're seeing leopard print suits in retro high waist cuts with pretty bow-tie bikini tops, and one piece suits in half animal print and half black patterns. These suits have plenty of pizzazz and look great set off with gold tone jewelry and sandals. Hit the beach like a lioness, and you'll be turning heads for sure!


All these beautiful beachwear styles are possible because we've got gorgeous, clean beaches in San Diego to show them off on. So let's take a moment to acknowledge some of the dedicated organizations that keep San Diego the incredible beach haven that it is. We'd like to thank as a group that's all about educating the public about the need to keep our beaches clean. Also, go to to learn more about how to help with the effort. Finally, we want to thank Milano with Milano's Cash For Cars for their efforts to dispose of hazardous oils safely, so they do not pollute the ocean. Thanks to all! Happy summer!